It’s finally here! On July 22nd, TyStringz released his highly anticipated single titled RoRa, revolutionizing the afrobeats scene. We all know of his impressive songs, like his debut single Shalaye in 2021, which went #2 on the iTunes Chart for the Worldwide genre.

Afrobeats legend L.A.X collaborated with him on Shy, which has been streamed over half a million times. Without a doubt, TyStringz knows how to make a hit a RoRa is sure to be the next! Featuring an upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics, it’s the perfect anthem for the ladies. 

He uses the elements of his African heritage to create music that is passionate and engaging. With only two years under his belt, TyStringz has had an explosive career and is unmistakably talented. 

Besides having a wide variety of musical styles and genres, TyStringz is an epic storyteller with raw talent and work ethic. His afrobeats music will change the world for the better, and we can’t wait to see how far he takes it. Discover his musical background, personal inspiration, and more in this exclusive interview!

RoRa is out now and available for you all to listen on any of your favorite streaming platforms. 

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