Nigerian-born American-based eclectic artist, TyStringz, whose real name is Oretayo Fatokun, has become a sensation to reckon with in the music industry. TyStringz, who currently has a B.Sc. and Master’s degree in Computer Science and has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world such as Microsoft has decided to take the next step in his career to put his passion and his true love which has always been music into the limelight.

TyStringz is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and vocalist who has studied different genres of music not limited to jazz, blues, soul, afrobeat, afro-fusion, RnB, and indie rock. These diversities and the blend of musical styles have become the true foundation, influence, and birth for his music creation where melody, lyrics, and rhythm cut across all genres of music. 

With his hit debut single Shalaye, TyStringz introduced the world to a blend of Afrofusion mixed with deep lyrics, love, and catchy melody that resonates in every listener’s subconscious mind and cuts across all demographics. But the world has only just experienced the tip of the iceberg as TyStringz plans to inundate the industry with an eclectic Afrobeats-Afrofusion experience that the world has never felt.

What’s next from TyStringz? In our interview, he said that “I am hoping to shoot two music videos—one for Body and the other for Doings. Also, I hope to drop an EP since I have recorded a few songs this year already that have helped my catalog.” Make sure to follow him on all social media networks at @tystringz to stay up to date on his new releases, and tune in to his singles Shalaye, Body, and Doings on your favorite streaming platform or Spotify.