About DCR

We are an independent record label,

marketing, artist management, and artist development consultancy, and production and entertainment agency based out of Washington, D.C, providing the tools for an active artist to succeed in the digital future. Technology is in our blood, and success in the music industry today depends on your ability to navigate through a complex technological landscape. Staying up to date on the latest news and technologies in all facets of the music industry and beyond provide our artists with a unique advantage.

Our artists have been contracted by organizations such as iHipHop Distribution and A3C and have worked with local entertainment industry front runners and decision makers such as Closed Sessions and Tropicalia. We have worked with artists managed and contracted by major labels such as PayDay Records, Columbia Records, Warner Music Group, and Cinematic Music Group.

We empower creators and organizations through digital innovation and industry expertise.

I love being with this company. My home.

Dee Washington

Dedicated to Artists

We work with artists big and small.

Are you struggling to see results from your hard work? Are you an artist unable to reach industry decision makers? Interested in working with us?

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They are a great company to work with … Thanks … for everything

JoemoVin’On Winehouse

Agency and Label Work

Is your entertainment agency disappointed with current growth?

Is your agency interested in increasing your ROI? Are you looking to start a digital advertising, email, or inbound digital marketing campaign? Our consulting, cost accounting, marketing, and management teams are here to help.

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