Professional Video Editing for Active Artists

In order to create a good music video, artists invest a lot of effort, time, and money. Choosing locations, working with cinematographers, recording and producing the song are just some of the artistic endeavors involved in producing a video piece that lasts less than 5 minutes. As part of our music video editing service, we combine your footage, sync it up with your audio, apply video and audio effects beautifully, grade colors and add transitions to make the video look stunning. 

With years of experience in video editing for musicians across the globe, DCR is a leading video editing service. We have a long history of editing music videos in addition to helping brands and organizations produce promotional videos, video interviews, and a wide range of other video content.  A well-edited video clip makes all the difference when it comes to going viral, connecting with your fans, and pleasing your record label. There is no reason why your videos should not receive the best treatment. Luckily, we can help you with that!

Your music video, or other video content, is an essential piece of your visual art. Our team of expert video editors and post production specialists will create a story that visually represents your song and can help ensure that your video reaches its full potential. Your music and accompanying videos deserve the professional approach that DCR brings. Whatever video you would like support on, DCR is ready and eager to assist! Let’s discuss your video ideas and how we can make it the best product.

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Nuclear Love – Spell Jordan

Downers Club Records assisted Spell Jordan with Nuclear Love, the first video from Spell Jordan’s Ketchup! LP, released Winter 2018.

More – Spell Jordan

With footage shot by Nicholas Merkerson, the DCR team edited the first official music video from Spell Jordan’s Summer 2019 project, Headshot. 

Ice – Spell Jordan

DCR filmed the official video to Spell Jordan’s Ice, the second official music video from Spell Jordan’s Summer 2019 project, Headshot. 

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