Our specialized digital marketing and artist management and consulting expertise accelerates our artists and clients’ growth. We provide the tools for an active artist to succeed in the digital future.


Downers Club Records manages artists internationally. We handle and organize booking, features, getting your music in front of decision makers, and all other inquiries for our artists. We ensure our artists music is copyright protected, cleared, and marketed to its highest potential. Grow a career from nothing to something. We provide the tools for an active artist to succeed in the digital future.


We take content and bring the spotlight to it. Using data driven analysis and inbound marketing and advertising expertise, we cost effectively and quickly attract new and engaged visitors and customers. We use proven strategies, examine trends, and take risks to project each piece of their work to its highest potential.


The Downers Club Records team has over a decade of experience in audio engineering. We’ve engineered for artists such as Lil Xan, Squidnice, Matt Ox, and more. Need mixing or mastering services? Get quick turn around, high quality audio, and exceptional service. 


Need visuals for your new song? We’ll take your footage and create an amazing music video or promotional content. Don’t have any footage? Let us know your vision and we’ll get it on video.


We can provide cost accounting, financial analysis, business management, and business development services to entertainment agencies and brands worldwide.

Career Assessment

Receive an assessment of your career, recent works, marketing strategy, upcoming works, and a six month plan for your career from our industry experts.


With over a decade of experience in design, the Downers Club team can provide design services to projects of any kind. Throughout the years, we’ve designed cover art, posters, marketing campaigns, websites, and logos. Need a single design? Looking to hire a design team for your long term project? You’ve come to the right place. 


Downers Club offers web services to brands, organizations, and clients worldwide. DCR provides web design, development and optimization, site migration, QA testing, SEO, and digital marketing as part of its web services offering.