We know how frustrating it can be to find a trustworthy, reliable, and results-driven team. Since 2019, DCR L.L.C. has helped over 175 artists confidently navigate the music industry. Our services are focused on collaboratively strategizing and executing your highest priority needs. Periodically delivered reports give you the tools to succeed independently after our engagement ends. 

Are you looking for a manager or music business consultant? Interested in promoting your new or previously released song, EP, or album? Need an expert to manage your social media accounts? Want better-sounding audio and better-looking video? Planning to build your website or improve your SEO? DCR is the one-stop shop for all of your needs. We also offer our social media and web services to brands and companies. If that’s you, reach out to our team to discuss the engagement more.

Confused where to start? Send us a message to learn how our team helps artists strategically identify and execute career goals. DCR also offers a Free Career Report to provide artists with a brief assessment of your career, recent works, and marketing strategy, a long term plan for growth, and service recommendations.

Read to take control of your career?

We’ll help you:

  • Release music that makes an impact.
  • Maintain a strategic, long term plan for growth after our engagement.
  • Stop wasting time and money.
  • Stop feeling confused and frustrated.

Our Services


Are you looking for a trustworthy, reliable, and results-driven management team to help you take your career to the next level? Since 2019, we’ve helped more than 200 artists. Our goal is to help you get paid gigs, signed to a record label or a receiving a publishing or distribution deal, have your music placed in TV and film through sync licensing contracts, get press coverage and Spotify playlists placements, and land your music on the radio.


Interested in getting more streams to your music and building your digital fanbase? We can help you cost-effectively build your fanbase by leveraging our music industry experience and advertising expertise. The highlight of our marketing packages is targeted digital advertising that can include Google Ads on YouTube, Meta Ads on Instagram and Facebook, and Spotify Ad Studio and Marquee campaigns.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Running your social media like a pro requires a strategic and analytics driven approach. Our social media management services will help you drive brand awareness, reach more potential fans, and increase conversions to your music and merchandise to ultimately increase return on investment. Do you or your band need social media management? You’ve come to the right place.


Album Rollout

The DCR Album Rollout is designed to help artists plan, strategize, accelerate, launch, and market a successful album release. The DCR Album Rollout is a four-month engagement, with two months dedicated to the pre-release period, one month dedicated to the release, and one month dedicated to the post-release period.

Audio Engineering

Audio Engineering

DCR L.L.C. has over a decade of experience in audio engineering and has worked on songs for artists such as Lil Xan, Squidnice, KIL, BIGBABYGUCCI, and more. Need mixing or mastering services? Get quick turnaround, high-quality audio, and exceptional service. 

Video Services

Video Editing

Need visuals for your new song? We’ll take your footage and create an amazing music video or promotional content. Don’t have any footage? Let us know your vision and we’ll get it on video.


Career Assessment

Receive an assessment of your career, recent works, marketing strategy, upcoming works, and a six month plan for your career from our industry experts.


Website Services

Downers Club offers web services to artists and brands worldwide. DCR provides web design, development and optimization, site migration, QA testing, SEO, and digital marketing as part of its web services offering.

Questions? Let’s chat.