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5 Reasons Why Artists Fail with Social Media
Social media is difficult to perfect. Read some of the common pitfalls you might be doing and our tips on how to succeed.
How to Promote Your Music on Spotify the Right Way
Spotify is the most popular music streaming service. Stop buying bots and learn how to promote your music the right way on Spotify.
Top 5 EDM Blogs and How to Submit Music
Here are five electronic music blogs to submit your music to! Read here for specific steps on how to submit.
How to Create and Sell Merchandise for Free
What if we told you there was an easy way to create and sell merchandise without having to pay anything? Here's how.
How to Get Verified on Audiomack
Audiomack is a great tool for artists. However, there can be some mystery as to how to get verified. Read to find out how!
5 Tips to Create the Perfect Stage Name
Here are 5 important tips to keep in mind for creating your stage name and beginning your journey to becoming a household name.
How to Submit Music to Record Labels with SubmitHub
SubmitHub makes it easy to get in contact with record labels. Here's how to use SubmitHub to submit your music to them.
How to Promote Your SoundCloud with RepostExchange
Looking to get more reposts on your SoundCloud songs? We share how you can use RepostExchange to do just that.
How do I promote my music without social media?
This is a question we hear a lot from artists and we’re going to answer it. Here are three ways to promote your music without using social …
How to Distribute Music Videos to VEVO
Interested in releasing your music videos through Vevo? This article breaks down all you need to know to distribute your next music video to Vevo.
The Best Music Blogs to Submit Music to
As an independent artist, press is critical to boosting brand awareness and attracting new listeners to your music. In this article, we’ll cover the best music blogs …
How to Create a Fanlink
Fanlinks enable artists to convert social media followers into listeners by letting them easily find your music on the streaming platform they use. Let's set one up!
Organic Growth and Editorial Playlisting on Soundcloud
Read the DCR team's key tips on metadata and social sharing to accelerate your organic Soundcloud growth and place on editorial playlists in 2020.
How to Create an Artificial Portrait Mode with Free Software
In this article, we’ll break down the step-by-step instructions to creating an artificial portrait effect using only free software.
3 Tips to Brand Yourself as an Independent Artist
In this article, we will cover brand goals and needs for independent artists.
YouTube Tips and Tricks for Musicians – Optimizing Metadata
A YouTube channel helps build a following of listeners, empowers you to engage with your fans, and helps increase cross-platform streaming. In this article, we’ll discuss how …
The Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Music Industry
Coronavirus is spreading across the globe, resulting in many businesses shutting their doors entirely.
Top 5 Tips for Independent Artists in 2020
To provide needed assistance to artists without budgets, our team has consolidated five important tips for independent artists.
3 Ways to Earn More Money as a Part-Time or Independent Musician
In this article, we outline some ways small, independent, and underground artists can make more money at the beginning of their career.
Digital Advertising Options in the Music Marketing Space
In this article, we’ll discuss some options and best practices independent artists have for advertising their music.

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