Mixing and Mastering Services for Independent Artists

Do you find yourself deep in your music and then hitting a snag when it’s time to mix and master? Or maybe you are tired of paying for studio time just to work on mixing and mastering your songs? Don’t let your sound sit unmixed or unmastered. Your music deserves professional attention. DCR provides audio engineering services for independent artists. 

With these services you will never overpay or need to rent studio time. The mixing and mastering that experts at DCR can accomplish is top notch. Send in your music and DCR quickly creates the most professional sound possible. 

Get quick turnaround, high-quality audio, and an exceptional customer experience with DCR’s audio engineering services. DCR L.L.C. has over a decade of experience in audio engineering. DCR has engineered songs for artists such as Lil Xan, Squidnice, KIL, BIGBABYGUCCI, and more. DCR has you covered if you need expert work on your music. 

Services and Pricing

  • Mixing: $8 – $20 per track
  • Mastering: $5 – $10 per track
  • Mixing and Mastering: $10 – $25 per track

Our Mixing and Mastering Portfolio

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