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If you are working on or planning a website design or development project and would like extra support, DCR is the perfect place for you. Web design is crucial for successful business growth. The web development and design services DCR provides are high-quality and professional. DCR is here to support your design and development.

DCR can offer more than the design and development. We also provide testing and optimization for the website. This ensures that you are using your website as effectively as possible. The website design and development support is crucial to grow and support your business, music, and endeavors. The web testing and optimization uses data and analytics to strategize and create the web design and development.

DCR offers web services to brands, organizations, and clients worldwide. DCR provides web design, development and optimization, site migration, QA testing, SEO, and digital marketing as part of its web services offering.

DCR Web Services

  • Design
  • Development and Optimization
  • Site Migration
  • QA Testing
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing

Edward did a fantastic job for us. He quickly jumped in, understood our objectives and got the work done with high quality. He improved our SEO and got our Google Ads optimized in record time. He is a pleasure to work with – very organized and great communication.

Case Study


Grooverelly required website design and development, content and domain migration, and digital marketing services for their artist platform. In 3 weeks the DCR team was able to design and develop the new website, accomplish migration goals, establish a successful long term digital marketing strategy, and prepare the Grooverelly team to run and manage their blog from the new hosting platform.

Grooverelly's Homepage
Grooverelly’s Homepage

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