A stunning and highly performant website is a necessity for the modern e-Commerce business. DCR leveraged over a decade of experience in WordPress and Google’s tool suite to help our client redesign and develop their website, optimize it for SEO, create blog content to grow organic search traffic, and increase sales. Our work helped the client increase their brand reach and drive sales on their website. 

The client came to DCR with a website with critical errors including a broken checkout system on desktop and overlapping modules. The website was also not optimized for SEO nor following e-Commerce best practices. Additionally, the existing build made it complex for the client’s team to make small changes to the site due to a code-heavy build. Finally, most of the business’s revenue was generated through Amazon, with little sales on their own website. 

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Migration to WP Engine

We began by migrating the client’s website to WP Engine so that we could create production, staging, and development environments for the website. In addition to increasing performance by moving to WP Engine, this allowed us to create a second version of the website without affecting their existing live site. WP Engine allowed us to build their new site, and then at the click of a button, push it to production—replacing their old site in seconds. 

Building a Website with Beaver Builder and Kadence

After migrating the website to WP Engine, we installed Beaver Builder, a drag-and-drop builder plugin, and the theme Kadence, which together, allowed us to recreate the theme the client originally had wanted with their old website, but without errors and glitches. Using Beaver Builder and Kadence, we were able to create a website where the client could make changes easily, without any coding, and without fear of breaking the site. We ensured the new website was following best practices for SEO and performance, reducing load time to approximately 3 seconds, first contentful paint to under 1 second, and receiving an SEO score through SEMRush that scores the website in line with the Top 10% of websites online. 

Driving Website Sales with Google Ads

We also made changes to the website’s layout, menus, and purchasing process to align the website with e-Commerce best practices to increase sales from those on the website and decrease exits. With a highly performant website, the next step was to increase sales there. By driving sales through the website instead of Amazon, we are able to collect more data on customers to inform marketing decisions, enter customers into a marketing funnel to remarket to, and save money that would otherwise be paid to Amazon. Leveraging a combination of search, display, and PLA ads, we were able to drive more than 300% more sales in the first month after launch. 

Writing Blog Articles to Improve SEO

After a successful website launch, DCR worked with the client to drive organic search traffic to the website by writing blog content that provided answers to questions their target audience was searching for. By utilizing Ubersuggest and SEMRush, we were able to identify keywords, phrases, prepositions, and questions surrounding queries relevant to their business. Creating content around these searches is key to ranking well and establishing and building authority on Google. In the first month after the content was published, organic search traffic increased by 16.3% month-over-month. 

Leveraging Reels and TikTok for Brand Awareness

Finally, we helped the client grow their following and increase engagement on social media and expand their brand’s organic reach by leveraging vertical video content on Reels and TikTok. The client had previously only ever posted photos and videos to the feed on Facebook and Instagram and had not used TikTok prior to working with us. Content typically would reach under 100 people and receive under 10 engagements per post. We encouraged the client to film short video content using their product and had them reach out to customers to film videos as well. We published the client’s first ever Reel which went on to receive over 10,000 views in the first 24 hours and get more than 200 engagements. Even better, we were able to attribute a sale on the website to the social media post we made. The brand is now receiving thousands of impressions and engagements per month across their social media networks.


In a few months, we redesigned and developed the client’s website, increased revenue through their website, drove brand awareness with organic blog content, and helped them elevate the brand’s social media presence. Do you have a website that you wish ran faster? Would you like to reach more of your customers organically? Want to increase sales through digital advertising campaigns? Take a look at our website services or reach out to our team and tell us a little more about your company and what you’d like to accomplish. We’d love to help!