SugarHill Ddot, whose real name is Darrian Jimenez, is the latest internet sensation to emerge from the New York drill scene. Increasingly, the industry is attracting younger artists who are moving fast to establish themselves. SugarHill Ddot was born on March 3, 2008, but he already spits bars like a seasoned veteran at just 13 years old. People are astonished that a little child can give such sensational performances. Check out our blog for more New York Drill artists!

It’s no surprise that SugarHill was motivated to start rapping if we take a look at where he is from. Sugar Hill is a neighborhood of Harlem, bordering Jackie Robinson Park. Besides being a thriving place for music and culture, it also has plenty of drugs, violence, and gang activity. A large part of SugarHill Ddot’s personality has been shaped and molded by the environment in which he grew up. As other friends and associates such as Sha EK and Edot Baby gained momentum in the area, SugarHill Ddot picked up a microphone himself and started rapping. Taking him under his wing, Edot Baby encouraged the artist to focus on music more seriously. 

In addition to this, he is also close friends with the late Notti Osama and DD Osama, who are both popular drill rappers. It was tragically discovered on July 9, 2022, that Notti, DD Osama’s brother, had been killed in a stabbing in Manhattan. A policeman lifted him from the 137th Street/City College subway station. He was later pronounced dead at a hospital. This is one of the hardest things Sugarhill Ddot has had to go through at his young age. While proving himself in the music industry, he is working hard to carry on Notti’s legacy. 

Since SugarHill Ddot is now on go mode, his songs have been catching major attention. In his teenage years, this youngster is already throwing more money on social media than we will ever see. One of his most popular songs is I Wanna Love You, which was released on YouTube on July 10, 2022. Since its release, the song has received over 885,000 streams. In such a short time, most of his songs have received well over a hundred thousand streams. There’s no doubt that SugarHill Ddot has the tenacity and determination to go very far. I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us in the future!

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