Watch out for The Bronx’s next champ—Sha Ek, whose real name is Chalim Perry! A singer and a rapper based in the New York area. He has many hit singles that have helped him garner a huge number of fanbases. Read our latest article to see what other New York drill rappers to watch out for!

Buzzing drill phenomenon Sha Ek unleashes a new single entitled New Opps via Defiant Records/Warner Records. Sha EK is at the forefront of a new wave of urgent, militant, and captivating street rap: Bronx drill. The 19-year-old’s booming, serrated rasp overflows with the aggression and emotion required to tear through the most thunderous and frenetic drill beats. On energetic, war-ready singles like the smash D&D, the South Bronx native brings you to the trenches, moving at breakneck speed through places where shots could ring out at any moment.

He believes what comes next will advance the sound of Bronx drill while showcasing his own stylistic and melodic capabilities. His intensity remains, but these days he’s also recording soulful tracks that capture his pain and will surely echo out into the listening world. No matter how far his music reaches, every win is a victory for his city, his neighborhood, and his family.

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