When Vincent James Gallo drops, it’s music to my ears! The up-and-coming alternative/pop artist from New York blessed us with the release of his latest single Fervor. He has been cultivating his craft since he was 12 years old, and his tenacity contributes to his success as a producer, performer, and songwriter. Learn about other pop artists we feature by visiting our website!

Vincent James Gallo deserves recognition for his talent. The music he produces is unique and soulful. Additionally, he adds a bit of indie and alternative pop flair to his music. As a result of seeing the works of artists like The Beatles, U2, Beck, Foo Fighters, ELO, and others, he was inspired to start writing music and making music himself.  Learn more about him in this exclusive interview

The Long Island native has big plans for us this year, as well as for the alternative scene as a whole. As we watch him grow, we look forward to what he will come up with next! 

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