New afrobeats artist, TyStringz, is set to upend the industry with his new single titled RoRa on July 22nd. With the release of his debut single Shalaye in 2021, it grossed over 242,000 views on YouTube. Shalaye went #2 on the iTunes Chart Worldwide Genre and was even more popular than Wizkid’s Essence, the most popular afrobeat song of 2021, for a couple of days. Additionally, his hit song Far Away gained an excess of 500,000 views in just three weeks.

He recently connected with afrobeat legend L.A.X and released a smash hit song Shy, which has been streamed over half a million times already. Without a doubt, we know Tystringz will deliver on RoRa.

TyStringz draws on Caribbean and African roots to create music that is passionate and engaging. TyStringz has had an explosive career in only two years, and his unmistakable talent has him destined for the spotlight.

TyStringz brings to the table his love of multiple musical styles and genres, epic storytelling, and raw talent mixed with work ethic. He is ready to stamp his new brand of eclectic afrofusion across the hearts of music lovers worldwide which he shared with us in a prior interview.

RoRa is set to drop on July 22nd and will be available on all streaming platforms. Want more from TyStringz, read this exclusive interview to learn more about his musical background, personal inspiration, and more!