With over 500,000 videos from artists of all levels and genres, Vevo controls YouTube’s largest music channel network and distributes through a growing number of global partners. Fans have recognized the Vevo logo for over a decade as an indicator of premium, official content from artists they seek and those yet to discover. Along with YouTube, they also distributes its extensive library of music videos to Apple TV, Pluto TV, Samsung TV, and Roku.

How do artists get on Vevo?

They are open to all artists, signed or unsigned. They require artists to distribute their music through their partner labels or independent distributors – whether they’re major labels like Universal Music Group or Sony Music. You can read how to release your music videos through them in this article.

What are the benefits of Vevo?

1. Vevo promotes music videos release through them

A team of their expert music promoters promotes videos on and off YouTube, through the company’s global network. The strategic editorial support, including customized and promoted playlisting, is available to all artists using them to distribute their content. 

2. They produces original content with Vevo artists

As well as promoting artists’ videos, they produces nearly 1,000 original pieces of content every year. In order for an artist to be in these original content opportunities, labels and distributors are encouraged to contact them throughout the year.

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