Perhaps you think of music videos as something you watched a lot of in high school. Maybe music videos make you think of MTV or the early days of YouTube. Or, you may be someone who marks their calendars for the next video release to accompany your favorite recent single. Regardless of your personal feelings towards music videos as a listener, we are here to tell you why artists make music videos and why it is an important practice as an artist. 

1. To Promote the Song

Putting out a music video is a great way that you, as an artist, can develop excitement and anticipation around a new release. When you are releasing a new song it is beneficial to have multiple features to promote. The video helps to promote the song and vice versa. 

2. Put a Face to the Sound

Another reason a music video is critical for your development as an artist is rounding out the listener’s experience. The music video can demonstrate your personality and your visual asthetic. It helps an audience or a listener to connect you as a person with you as a musician. It is good to relate your face to your sound.

3. Grow Your Presence Specifically on YouTube

We know that success as a musician is often dependent on the breadth of your reach online and in social media. YouTube presence is a key member of this social media/online persona. A music video is vital for your YouTube development, which is in turn essential to your artistic development and growth.

4. You Have to Because your Competition Does

Finally, one of the mores important, and likely difficult, reasons you need to focus on music videos as an artist, is that other musicians are doing it. Normally, other’s behavior should not dictate your own, however, in this business it truly does. 

What we suggest, is making your music the way you love. Then save a bit of that love to create the perfect complement to your songs. Adding in a music video and directing some of your energy to it, will benefit your longterm music goals and overall musical success. If this is feeling daunting, DCR has many resources with which to assist you! Check out the website for more.