Hailing from Miami, FL, Robert Clementino is a hot musician with a sound that is fresh. Robert Clementino is a rising R&B talent from Lansing, Michigan. He has described himself as inspired to “start making music [by] the R&B Singer Bobby Valentino, now known as Bobby V.” He went on to say that “the coolness and swag he had as a new artist made me want to be just like him. And his relatable lyrics as a songwriter and smooth vocals as a singer made me want to take becoming a music artist very seriously.” Here we discuss his music and see how seriously he has been taking it.

His top song is called I Gotta Ask You and is an R&B song with a pumping beat. It is a great start to listening to Robert Clementino. If you have not been listening, this is the perfect place to begin. 

His second top song is called For My Love (For My Angel). It is a great follow-up to his earlier release. This song has a great power behind it. Robert Clementino really hits it out of the park here. The lyrics and vocals are unlike R&B music that you have previously heard.

These are both songs that make you want to groove. Listen to more from Robert Clementino on Spotify!