Vincent James Gallo is taking the music world by storm. He does not shy away from the excitement of synths, lyrical depth, and quick beats. These are some of the ways that Vincent James Gallo has found such musical success. Here, we go over his current top three songs and discuss why they’ve risen as the cream of the crop.

1. We

We is Vincent James Gallo’s hottest song on Spotify. It showcases a flashy, electronic sound. He pairs this with a strong downbeat that grounds the entire feeling of the song. This song also features expertly styled moody lyrics, yet it maintains an overall positive sound. 

2. Rolling Credits

Rolling Credits is a different sort of song with some of the same features. This song features a great clap beat that really enforces the positive vibe. It also has creative lyrics that are accompanied by synths throughout. He does an excellent job of creating a sound that is unique and fun.

3. Nothing is Real

Nothing is Real has a sound that is reminiscent of the eighties. Like in his singles discussed earlier, Vincent James Gallo uses strong synths. He makes strong use of overlaying lyrics on one another. This song is another excellent hit. 

However, these are not his only hits! Each of these songs emphasizes his skills as a musician with diverse strengths in each song. Make sure to listen to more from Vincent James Gallo on Spotify