Goonie, whose real name is Darrion Roberts, was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and is currently 22 years old. He began his music career in 2016 as a producer. After cutting his teeth with FL Studio, he was not able to receive any placements for beats and decided to transition to becoming an artist. Check out other emerging artists on our blog! He is known as a pioneer in the pluggnb genre, with his melodic, trap style. He is founding member of the Slayworld collective which included KanKan, Yeat, Autumn!, and others.

He released his first mixtape, Slayboy, in 2017. The mixtape featured Summrs, R7, and Mike Frost. He got his name Goonie from the movie Goonies while he was making a beat. He has been consistently releasing music through Soundcloud and in 2020 released 3 mixtapes, This Thing of Ours, Running Out of Dreams, and This Thing of Ours Vol.2.

He is known to not release a lot of music videos, but recently released “Super Clean” with director Tiny Tapes, who has worked with Lil Candy Paint and Gunnr. He is set to release This Thing of Ours Vol. 3 in 2022. Check out his music on Spotify!