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How To Get Started as an Artist 

It is 6 in the morning in Houston, Texas and the year is 1995. The sun is beginning to come up and there is a young girl running around Hermann Park as she practices singing her vocals. Her father cheers her on as she begins to get tired.

The father is Matthew Knowles and the young girl is Beyonce Knowles-Carter. This is how she got started as an artist. She would run 3 miles around Houston’s famous Hermann Park while singing her vocals so that she could build up her lung capacity.

Twenty years later, the young girl from Houston puts on one of the best Coachella performances in history. She is able to sing and keep up with her choreography without missing a note. This is all because of artist development.

Raw talent can only take you so far. It must be trained, refined, and conditioned. It is said that when Kanye West was a teenager and learning how to make beats he remade close to 100 hip-hop classics before he ever tried to make his own. 

What Is Your Artist Story? 

After you have refined your raw talent, establishing the messaging behind your artistry is another crucial aspect of artist development. We are all drawn to stories. Branding will take your artistry to the next level.

There are so many talented artists now and it is easier than ever to make, upload, and distribute music. Establishing messaging with your music is what will create a loyal following. XXXTentacion said he made music for lost and damaged kids. 

Kid Cudi said he makes music for kids who are going through Depression so that they don’t feel alone. He has branded himself as the “Man on the Moon”, an outsider, weirdo, and outcast. The moon and space imagery is all over his staging, music videos, and merch. 

This has made him one of the most influential rappers of the past 15 years and has contributed to his dedicated following that resonates with his messaging. 

What Is Artist Relations? 

This can sound like a lot, especially when you are trying to be creative at the same time. You can always find an artist relations team. After you have refined your talent, established your branding, and decided what your target audience is, the next step is to find management. 

There are a number of artist relations companies that can help manage your marketing, publicity, and campaigns. Check out our artist development services to help grow your fanbase!