As an active, independent artist, branding is incredibly important – if not even more important, than the music itself, for those looking to accelerate their career. The reason for this is that while people love great music, they love an artist more who is relatable, open, unique, and interesting.

Branding is imperative for getting stronger reach on social media platforms, getting in front of record labels, and more. In another article, we discussed the importance of social media branding – consistent profile pictures, user names, descriptions, etc. However, in this article, we will cover more overarching brand goals and needs. 

Find Your Message

Much like a mission statement of a company, an artist needs to determine what it is they are telling their audience, and what they stand for. Is it political activism? Is it mental health awareness? Whatever your music is – it means something, and your brand needs to be shaped around that.

Even for artists making less substantive music, your brand can be centered around having a good time, being honest, friendly, and approachable, and energetic. Having something concrete that listeners can associate you with will make you the first thing that comes to mind when they think of that topic. Stand for more than just your music.

Show Your Face

This is something a lot of artists are either doing without realizing, or are scared to do. Either way, it is imperative. Listeners not only want to hear your voice, but they want to see you. Whether this is from music videos, Instagram photos, or simply a clear profile picture for those shy artists, listeners need to know who you are.

While there are certainly successful artists who have branded themselves are mysterious; if you want the limelight, you have to be in front of it someday. As an artist, you can’t be afraid of putting yourself out there. Show your face!

Share Music and Content You Love

What music are you interested in? What topics are you interested in? These are important things to share with your fans, and social media is a great place to do it. Whether it’s retweeting your favorite artist’s music, commenting on an article, sharing a blog, or sharing a new video, it’s important to engage with the community you are a part of. Doing this will not only improve your branding, but increase your reach in the communities that can become your strongest fans.


While many artists make amazing music, most releases fall upon deaf ears. Developing a strong brand helps grow your fan base and keep your listeners coming back for more. As an artist, you have to give it your all and put yourself out there. Share your message. Be a part of the community. And, most importantly, enjoy what you are doing. Want more help? Check out our Top 5 Tips for Independent Artists in 2020.