Emo Rap and Alternative Hip Hop have continued to grow over the years, with influences from pop punk, metal, pop, and electronic permeating the scene. While some of our favorite artists have continued to shine, new players have emerged as well, making waves both on the internet and in the industry. We’ve put together a list of our favorite Emo Rap and Alternative Hip Hop tracks released so far in 2020. Take a listen!

swear to god – Convolk

Fan favorite Convolk released his most recent album, a follow up to 2018’s LONEWOLF, ANTIHERO, this April. The lead single, swear to god, is not only impressive, but has generated both industry acclaim and fan support. Interested in learning more about Convolk? Take a read through our artist spotlight.

dude, dating sucks – cadence001

cadence001, formerly known as shattered, gained popularity in the genre with his single tell me that you miss me, released in 2018. The track has since catapulted to nearly five million streams and received placement on Spotify editorial playlists. dude, dating sucks, is the latest release from shattered’s alias, cadence001. 

Don’t Cry – James Colt

Canada native and Timeless Tomorrow front runner James Colt’s powerful, nostalgic, and heart wrenching single, Don’t Cry is a must listen. James Colt discusses death, family, addiction, and more. Don’t Cry fuses alternative, electronic, pop, and hip hop inspirations into a beautiful melodic work. Interested in more from James Colt? Read more about the Canadian recording artist on our blog.

Holding On – Nick Royal

Fellow Timeless Tomorrow member Nick Royal took the scene by storm in 2019 with his collaboration with James Colt, High School Mode. Returning with his biggest hit of 2020, Nick Royal released the single and music video for Holding On last February. Learn more about Nick Royal on our blog.

Joker – Spell Jordan

DCR signee and alternative rap recording artist Spell Jordan has been releasing a number of singles throughout 2020, with Joker receiving the most traction, hitting over 10,000 streams across platforms. 

The Emo Rap and Alternative Hip Hop scene only continues to expand in 2020. New, amazing singles are released each day. We’re excited to see where the genres go from here!