Twenty-two year old James Colt grew to fame in early 2018 after the rising success of his breakout single, I Can’t Feel, featuring Convolk, a peek into the grungy, emotional music Colt begins to flesh out on his later released Loneson LP. While a relatively new artist in the scheme of things, James has managed to get two hit albums under his belt, 2018’s Loneson, and 2019’s Disaster Boy, thanks to the help of his Timeless Tomorrow collective, brand, and label, featuring his friends Nick Royal and Nick Wise. You may know these names from buzzing collaborations such as High School Mode, off Royal’s 2019 A Little High, A Little Low EP, and Used To, off Colt’s 2019 Disaster Boy project. 

While Loneson features Colt’s most popular track, a clear maturation in his style has occurred between the Loneson and Disaster Boy projects. While Loneson gave Colt a number of hits under his belt, Disaster Boy felt like a more put together project, and a true reflection of James’ potential. Fans agree, with singles such as Nostalgia and Lonely tracking on James Colt’s top ten most popular tracks on Spotify. 

After Disaster Boy, James did not stop. Recently, he’s debuted singles such as Lifelife, with Chills, and his most recent SoundCloud drop, What’s Wrong, off his Whatever Makes You Feel Better EP, releasing on all platforms October 30th. The single was also accompanied by a music video release on James Colt’s YouTube Channel.

James also recently linked up with our own artist, Spell Jordan, on his recent project 23, for the single The Ropes. The Glockley produced track has almost broken 1,000 streams on Spotify in its first month! Go support James and Spell’s new single on the platform of your choice.

With an EP releasing October 30th, we’re excited to see more releases coming from Colt after a relatively quiet summer, following the release of Disaster Boy in the spring. Stay tuned for the new project. Check out James’ full discography on his Spotify account, and his singles I Can’t Feel and High School mode on Spotify’s Tear Drop playlist.

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