Calgary, Canada’s Timeless Tomorrow collective and label has released some of the most powerful rock, pop, and hip hop tracks coming out of the States’ northern counterpart, thanks to their impeccable roster of James Colt, Nick Royal, and Nick Wise. You may be familiar with James Colt after our latest Up Now article  on his music. The trio have become known for releasing pop and emo inspired punk-hip-hop tracks, with hits like High School Mode, Used To, and more racking over 100,000 plays online. 

Nick Royal initially grabbed our attention with his debut solo release, Luxury, from 2018. His second official single, a collaboration with James Colt, Lil Lotus, and Smrtdeath, Vacant, saw nearly 45,000 streams. He began to pick up steam in 2019 with the release of three singles, Trauma, Hangout, and High School Mode, the latter receiving recognition from the Spotify editorial team on their official Tear Drop playlist. 

High School Mode preceded his summer extended play, a little high, a little low, featuring James Colt, Ay!jd, and teddybear. The five track surprised listeners and showed off Royal’s versatility, especially on the outro track, Broken Bone. Royal has previewed snippets of the upcoming music video for Broken Bone, so stay tuned for more.

Continuing his work with Timeless Tomorrow into 2020, we are excited to see where Royal goes from here. Lately, he collaborated with Spell Jordan on his single release, Triple Up

Check out their collaboration on Spotify, and stay tuned for more of Nick Royal’s music by following Timeless Tomorrow’s official Spotify playlist