KANKAN, whose real name is Keandrian Qynzel Jones, is a recording artist and producer from Dallas, Texas, known for his frequent collaborations with Summrs and Autumn/twinuzis, members of his Slayworld collective which also includes Izaya Tiji and Goonie. While KANKAN has only grown famous over the past year or two, he saw his first hit in 2017 producing on Smokepurpp’s viral hit Fuck a Swisher

He has also produced for Duwap Kaine on Trust Issues, Lil Boom on multiple tracks, and Famous Dex. He didn’t start rapping until he got connected with Summrs and Autumn in 2017 and 2018, which led him to a successful career. In 2021, KANKAN dropped two projects that put him on the map—Oxy & Codeine, and RR. Oxy & Codeine featured the single Goin’ To Hell, which has received more than 2.3 million streams to date, and RR established him as more than a singles artist, with every song on the 14 project album breaking 100,000 streams each. 

His biggest solo track to date was released in 2021—Wokeup, and has brought in more than 3 million streams across all streaming platforms. Consistent music and video releases have helped KANKAN dominate 2021. An incredibly talented artist, we are excited for the future. We expect more music, more videos, and another great project coming in the next few months. Until then, check out KANKAN’s discography on Spotify or read more about Summrs or Autumn/twiuzis if you’re a fan of KANKAN’s music.