Henry Joseph, whose real name is Joseph Henry Lengson, has been involved in music ever since he can remember. Growing up in Bullhead City, AZ, Lengson began playing piano at age seven. Shortly after, he began learning to play the guitar as a result of being exposed to country music and heavy rock. Recognizing his passion for instruments and composition, Lengson became involved in many other musical projects and groups including Red Lights & Semis, XBraveheartX, and MyChildren MyBride. Adding on to his piano and guitar skills, Lengson also served as a drummer and bassist in multiple of his prior projects. A skilled lyricist, Lengson went on to focus on his writing talents and published books of prose and poetry. 

Now ready to combine his many talents into something special, Lengson has created a new project, Henry Joseph. Henry Joseph’s debut single, Goodnight Goodbye, released on May 6, 2022,  alongside a music video. Shaped by Lengson’s life experiences and the music he grew up with, most especially George Strait, Goodnight Goodbye is truly a masterpiece. The track takes the listener on a journey through Lengson’s personal story as a musician and the many roads he’s traveled. We previously chatted with Lengson, who is actually an English major, on his process in creating a song. His skills are readily apparent on Goodnight Goodbye.

Goodnight Goodbye is only the beginning for Henry Joseph. Lengson began writing the upcoming project in the winter of 2019, the next single will be announced soon! There’s also a music video in the works. Stay tuned for more information. Professionally recorded in Nashville in late 2021 by Skyler Taylor, the full EP will be released by the end of 2022 and is a long time coming. To make sure you don’t miss any upcoming releases, follow Henry Joseph on Spotify