Akeem Worldwide is a recording artist based out of Atlanta and Jamaica who discovered his love for music and composition at a young age. Akeem grew up listening to music and singing at church, to which he accredits his lyricism and instrumental abilities. First influenced by his father, who is also a singer, Akeem’s beginnings are definitely a recipe for success!

As his global name implies, Akeem Worldwide’s music style has, as he would say, no boundaries. He frequently mixes Jamaican beats with foreign music styles in what he calls “Jamforiegn.” Experimenting with new beats, sounds, and styles is something Akeem believes strongly in and thinks is necessary for every big-time artist. In our recent interview Akeem Worldwide compares creating music to cooking. He states, “You have to try new ingredients to get a new taste…” Akeem’s open mind when it comes to music is reflected in his choice of what other artists to listen to, with some of his favorites being Summer Walker, Brandy, Mario Berret, and Trey Songz. 

With almost 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, Akeem Worldwide frequently collaborates with artists SerJ and Kery Scandal. He most recently released the track Bigtime with SerJ in 2021. In Bigtime, the listener truly feels that they’re on a musical journey throughout many styles of beats. For 2022, Akeem is working on a project with team Bobby Adams. 

Akeem Worldwide knows how important understanding the music industry is, and he hopes other young artists will take the time to learn and practice their craft. As he states in our recent interview, “… don’t live for yourself in life, live for the future you.” Make sure to follow Akeem Worldwise on Spotify so that you don’t miss any new music!