XANAKIN SKYWOK, whose real name is Steve Crown, is a rapper and recording artist based out of California. His releases on SoundCloud and YouTube date back to 2019. As XANAKIN seems to always wear a ski mask, much about his personal history and looks is unknown. His music is always unique, with vocal inspirations from metal and horrorcore. 

He first achieved underground success in early 2020 with the single Macho!, produced by Mathias Tyner, after releasing tracks Aladdin and Jafar in 2019. Macho! currently has over one million streams on SoundCloud and over fifteen million on Spotify, and it’s easy to understand how. The track features an extremely catchy latin-style horn beat that contrasts well with XANAKIN’S gritty, loud vocals. 

XANAKIN SKYWOK is also a part of the collective Saber Gang and frequently collaborates with other artists in the group, such as Sadfriendd. He also has gone on tour, including performing at Box Fest, put on by Box Boys and Minty Boi, in Los Angeles, CA in 2021. His over 600,000 monthly listeners on Spotify would surely support a tour in the future. 

Make sure to follow XANAKIN SKYWOK on all streaming platforms to stay up to date with his recent releases. If you like XANAKIN SKYWOK, you might also enjoy artists like Nascar Aloe, Spell Jordan, BVDLVD, and other trap metal artists.