One of the newest music genres, trap metal is still emerging with new artists every day. Its fusion of metal music and hip-hop leads to a unique collaboration between generations of music. It hit the mainstream due to the successes of artists such as XXXTentacion, Zillakami, and others whose songs on YouTube and streaming platforms have been streamed millions of times. The rise of emo rap also helped catapult this genre to the forefront of the underground. As the trap metal genre continues to grow in 2022, we put together a list of the top five artists to watch in 2022.

1. Sematary

Straight from the 90s black metal era, Sematary has lo-fi yet chaotic music debuting. It’s an acquired taste but does extremely well with the new hyper pop generation. While the vocals sound almost detached from the track, the guitar, and other instruments glitch perfectly to the beats. 

2. Jasiah

Screamo is back. No amount of screaming can ruin Jasiah’s voice in his high-energy trap metal pieces. The projects have traces of emo-pop with Jasiah’s baritone technique, but it is undoubtedly a trailblazer in trap metal. His success has come with collaborations with big names such as Travis Barker, Syringe, and Rico Nasty.  

3. Rico Nasty 

Trap metal, industrial hip-hop, hyperpop. That is the riot grrrl Rico Nasty. Rico’s debut album made her explode from an underground rapper to one of our top artists in this genre. Between her addictive beats or inspiring rhymes, Rico is hard to miss in 2022 music playlists. 

4. Jazmin Bean

From across the pond, the UK Jazmin Bean is an easily identifiable artist for trap metal. They don’t just make incredible audio pieces, the visuals are always aesthetically fitting. Described as a “postmodernist paradox” to the genre, Jazmin Bean has risen alongside similar artists such as Ghostemane, Poppy, and Melanie Martinez.

5. 7xvn

Trap metal artist or scream rapper? How about both. In fact, 7xvn has already pushed the trap metal genre into death-trap, also known as trap metalcore. While the songs might start off as emo-rap, there are many layers to the pieces that create such unique stories for the evolving genre. 

You can stream all of these artists on Spotify or your favorite streaming platform. Check out the artists that paved the way last year in our 2021 top 5 list. Want more artists like this? Check out our favorite emo rap artists from 2021