Washington, D.C. transplant Hayden Margo released one of our favorite tracks yet, Acid Rain, on April 28th of last year, and it’s still making waves online. The melodic track details an artist’s feelings while sitting in the rain and reflecting on their life choices. Hayden raps, “Waiting on the world, head spinning, will it change / I’m the only one to blame / Caught up in the game…” in a stern but earnest tone that complements his self-produced beats.

We previously sat down with Hayden to learn a bit more about his artistic inspirations and challenges as a musician, which are apparent in his track Acid Rain. As in the song, he discusses the most difficult part of being a musician – finding people who genuinely like and appreciate your music. This is a sentiment many unique and authentic musicians hold, similar to many of Hayden’s inspirations like FKA Twigs and Isaiah Rashad. This is one of the many reasons fans truly feel drawn to Hayden’s music. 

Listen to more of Hayden Margo’s tracks on Spotify and learn more about him from our latest interview