We had a chance to sit down with Rhode Island’s Hayden Margo and hear about his journey as an artist and rapper developing his unique sound.

Hey, thanks for chatting with us. Tell us a little about yourself.

What’s up, I’m an artist and producer from Rhode Island. Been living in D.C. for like 6 years now.

Who or what inspired you to start making music? And, when did you start?

When I was really young I wanted to be nice at guitar, like Slash for real. That was my first memory of wanting to do music, but I lost interest in guitar fast. I grew up on hip hop really and I’d freestyle with some of my homies. Then being a teenager I was listening to Capital Steez, Mac Miller, a bunch of rappers… I just realized they were only like 5 years older than me and they made me think it was possible.

What’s been your biggest challenge as a musician?

Honestly, everything that comes with being a musician outside of the music. Mainly getting the music into the ears of people who would fuck with it. Everyone out there is telling me to get on TikTok or something that I don’t want to do for marketing. I wouldn’t even have social media really if I didn’t do music.

Who are your inspirations? What artists or bands are you listening to?

I get inspired by everything really. I’m just a fan of music but lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Outkast again, they had a big influence on me as a kid. I’ve been listening to Reasonable Doubt, so Jay Z, Duke Deuce, Sheff G, FKA Twigs, Isaiah Rashad, a bunch of people.

What’s the process behind working on a song like?

Every one is different but most of the time I make a beat and try to find flows and make melodies at the same I’m doing that. Then I’ll go back to it and finish it later.

Tell me about your upcoming music and what inspired you to create it. 

I’ve just been experimenting a lot. Trying to make different things based on how I’m feeling that day.

What’s your favorite song you’ve released and why?

Prolly between Six Feet Hole and Acid Rain. I love that beat on Six Feet Hole, but Acid Rain has to be it for me because of the reception it has gotten from people. It’s just an honest song, and I’m glad people resonate with it.

What are your plans for the rest of this year?

I got a show coming up on July 1st at DC9 with Spell Jordan and Act Natural. Other than that I’m just hustling to survive and working on music. Looking to get some stuff out by June and some more shows booked.

Any shoutouts or messages for the world?

Shoutout my girl, shoutout Malkyj, .Dante, Dantana, 3astman, Neck Barham and Spell Jordan.

Want more from Hayden? Check out his music on Spotify.