DC the Don, whose real name is Daijon Davis, grew up in Milwaukee, WI, until he ventured to Los Angeles at 16 to work on basketball. Born in 1999, DC the Don will turn 23 on August 3rd, 2022, he is a successful rapper and artist. Towering in at 6’7”, DC the Don has more than height going for him. His recent album release, My Own Worst Enemies, has 22 tracks of hit after hit. Like many sports stars, DC the Don could have pursued D1 basketball, however, lucky for listeners, he transitioned to focus on his music career. DC the Don has not left the court completely behind, though. According to The Double Cup, he maintains relationships with basketball players who are also rappers, such as Lonzo Ball, aka. Zo, of the Chicago Bulls. Take a look at DC the Don’s recent official music video below. 

The energy DC the Don brought on the court is topped only by the energy imbued in his songs. He mixes a strong and powerful beat with expert lyrics to provide catchy music that you will not want to turn off. Since starting his rap career in 2017, he has garnered a lot of favorable interest, media attention, and listener support. He has over 665,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, with his most popular song, WORST DAY 🙁, at over 8,600,000 plays. Since 2017, he has released three full length albums: My Own Worst Enemy, Come As You Are (Deluxe), and Come As You Are. DC the Don has collaborated with musicians like DDG, Almighty Jay, Sad Frosty, and Jetsonmade

If you are waiting for more from DC the Don, you might need to venture to some similar artists. In an interview with HypeTalkTV, he noted that he’s somewhat of a perfectionist about his music, “I don’t want to just put out anything…I feel like now it’s turned into a quantity over quality type thing. There are so many artists out here just putting out anything just so they can get the next check.” Clearly, we are loving the quality DC the Don is putting out, so we would never rush his process. We also cannot wait to hear what he does next. If you are a fan of DC the Don, be sure to check out music by KANKAN, Summrs, Iayze, and Yeat.