Iayze, pronounced Jace, is a rapper and producer from Fort Worth, Texas. Iayze’s real name is Jace Salter and he was born in 2003. He is currently approximately 19 years old. His first song currently on SoundCloud was released on July 31, 2019 under his old name, TTGDuwap, titled Ok! Iayze is known for collaborating with members of the Slayworld collective such as KANKAN and Summrs. According to Genius, Iayze is inspired by Chief Keef, FBG Duck, and Duwap Kaine, the last of whom he likely used as a basis for his original stage name. You may have also heard of Iayze from the Twisty P diss track I Shoot 4 Fun / Iayze Diss that went viral recently.

Iayze is an incredibly versatile musician, releasing everything from melodic, sad songs to hard hitting trap tracks. On many songs, he speaks on having a child at a young age and raising a kid. Iayze is incredibly prolific—in only three years he has released 13 full length projects on all digital streaming platforms—I.D.L.Y.A., Forever, Final Fantasy Deluxe, Starlight, The Leak!, Juh-Ay-Es, Final Fantasy Two, The Leek Two!, Venture, The Leek 3!, Monarch, Demons, and Curation. While none of these projects blew Iayze up to stardom, they helped establish him as a heavy hitter in the underground. 

It wasn’t until the December 31, 2021 release of his single C’mere! from his EP The Leek 4! that Iayze really began to take off. According to Genius, C’mere! is a response to the viral diss song released by Twisty P, I Shoot 4 Fun / Iayze Diss. In January 2022, C’mere! received a music video by DotComNirvan, and in only a few weeks has been streamed more than 500,000 times. In May 2022, allegations came out that Iayze snitched on Summrs and other rappers. This may lead to him being blackballed in the future. If you’re a fan of his music, make sure to check out KANKAN, Summrs, Autumn!/twinuzis, and Yeat.