Twistyp, whose real name is Zay Pena, is a TikToker and rapper who is known for his Iayze diss and viral TikTok sound I Shoot 4 Fun, which went viral after Twistyp, a.k.a. Twisty P, was caught on video running from Iayze and his camp in Houston. He first blew up after making TikTok videos to Yeat songs, singing them loudly in public, seemingly off a lot of drugs. Yeat ended up sharing one of his posts on his story, and this blew the TikToker up. This led to a feature from Yeat on Twistyp’s first song, Mud, which also featured Lilxjeep. His face tattoo says “Twizzy” a phrase created and made popular by Yeat.

Twistyp later connected with Yeat, KANKAN, Lil Candy Paint, and other rappers at KANKAN’s first show in Dallas. However, the rappers didn’t seem to mess with him in person, and this led to the beginning of the end. Twistyp was in jail for a short period of time, and came out ready to diss everyone. Recently, his beef aimed at Iayze, a member of the Slayworld camp, which including Summrs, Autumn!/twiuzis, KANKAN, and other artists in the pluggnb genre. However, when he showed up in Texas to shoot a music video, things didn’t go as planned. 

TikToks shared by popular influencers such as Rockstarbeebo posted a now viral clip of Twistyp running away from Slayworld affiliates with Twistyp’s own sound from I Shoot 4 Fun. The lyrics “I walk with a stick, I walk with a gun, I shoot niggas for fun,” while violent, came off as comical to many of his fans, and hypocritical after being caught lacking in Texas by the rapper he was dissing. Yet somehow this is turning Twistyp’s career into somewhat of an overnight success—if that’s the right word. 

I Shoot 4 Fun was uploaded at the end of last year and in a few days it gained over 70,000 streams, giving Twistyp more than 14,000 monthly listeners. Twistyp seems to be using the hate to start his music career. One thing is for sure—I Shoot 4 Fun is going viral. We’ll what happens—this is definitely an interesting artist to watch. Interested in Slayworld and the pluggnb genre? Check out our writeups on Summrs, Autumn, KANKAN, and Yeat.