Nazariff is an exciting musician from Washington D.C. creating a refreshing blend of dark trap music, witch house, and traditional electronic. This year he released a few amazing records, building up his already impressive discography. He closed out the year performing at the Winterween festival in Washington D.C. and releasing his newest song, Should Have. In this article, we’ll highlight our three favorite releases from Nazariff since he’s started.

1. Your Spell

Released in 2020, Your Spell is one of Nazariff’s best songs released yet. And the numbers back it up—over 18,000 streams on Spotify alone. “It’s like a hybrid of Pop, Trap, and the obscure microgenre Witch House—it performed pretty well on streaming … I was really surprised.” Nazariff said about the song in a recent interview

2. Should Have

On December 17, Nazariff released a brand new single for his fans—Should Have. Emotional, sultry vocals permeate the track and complement Nazariff’s production well. Should Have follows up on two other impressive singles Nazariff released this year—Bad Habits and Your Spell. Check out our full write up of the track.

3. Bad Habits

Earlier in November, Washington D.C.-based producer and DJ Nazariff connected with New York-based singer/songwriter ENTITY for a cover of Ed Sheeran’s smash hit Bad Habits. Bringing a new sound to an already catchy track, ENTITY soothing melodies compliment Nazariff’s upbeat electronic production. Read more about Bad Habits in this article.


Want more from Nazariff? If you’re in Massachusetts or the New England area, he’ll be at The Corner on March 25th in Cambridge. It was moved from Zuzu, which is located at the same venue hall. Stay tuned for more information! As far as DMV area performances, we can definitely expect more soon as well. Check out these three tracks and Nazariff’s full discography on Spotify.