Ed Sheeran’s new album = has been a huge success, with the single Bad Habits hitting more than a billion streams globally and peaking at #1 and being Ed’s highest-ranking debut. Earlier in November, Washington D.C.-based producer and DJ Nazariff connected with New York-based singer/songwriter ENTITY for a cover of the popular track. 

Bringing a new sound to an already catchy track, ENTITY soothing melodies compliment Nazariff’s upbeat electronic production. Fusing modern and pop influences with Nazariff’s signature witch house influences, the two artists created a flawless track that some may say outdoes Ed Sheeran’s original version. 

“Never anything below quality from Nazariff… (Bad Habits is) a nice homage to a song we all enjoy,” Blisspop says of the track. Take a listen to Bad Habits on SoundCloud and follow Nazariff to stay up to date on all of his music. Want to learn more about Nazariff? Check out our exclusive interview.