BIGBABYGUCCI, whose real name is James Haley, is a rapper from North Carolina known for his songs Drop Top Lexus, Can’t Feel Shit, Weird, Pressure + Layers, and Summer in 06 featuring Kevin Kazi. BIGBABYGUCCI was born on August 13th, 1996 and is currently 25 years old. BIGBABYGUCCI also owns the record label Better Temperatures, which he signed 30ROCK and Virginia-based rapper and frequent collaborator Austin Skinner to. 

BIGBABYGUCCI has been a mainstay in the underground for years, with 11 official full-length projects under his belt since 2016—Art Hoe Collection, Romance Isnt Dead, Gucci’s Universe, Universe 2, Send Help, Send Help (Deluxe Version), Teen Spirit, Isolated, Assume the Worst, 1 Night I Took Acid, and most recently, Human. BIGBABYGUCCI’s signature energetic, autotuned vocals have helped propel him to national stardom, and tours hitting venues across the country have turned him from a rapper making a lot of noise online to one making just as much noise in the streets. 

BIGBABYGUCCI’s successes have led him to collaborate with artists like Cold Hart, on Pressure + Layers (Extended), Tia Corine, and more, however much of his accomplishments are thanks to himself—most of his discography is featureless and that is a huge differentiator in today’s rap game. 

With his latest album, Human, officially out now, and tour dates around the country planned for the rest of the year and 2022, we can only expect great things from BIGBABYGUCCI. Check out his full discography on Spotify or wherever you stream music.