Spell Jordan has been on a roll this year. With his first national tour in January and February ending in a concert with over 130 tickets sold, three singles and a music video, and the explosive growth of his 2018 single Fight! Spell Jordan is gearing up for a five-track EP in May, Movie Night. The Crow, the first single from Movie Night, was released on April 8th, and it’s a song you don’t want to miss. Movie Night is an EP detailing the inner thoughts of Spell Jordan, with each track referencing a movie. 

Spell Jordan performing Nite Owl from Movie Night at DC9

The first single, The Crow, calls upon the 1994 film The Crow, with Spell Jordan rapping on the hook he has an “all black fit on like I’m The Crow”. In the first 24 hours, the single received over 1,000 streams, gaining stream on Spotify and SoundCloud and looking like it’s going to be one of his biggest songs. The Crow will fit great in any of your phonk or trap metal playlists, and helps Spell Jordan continue to break out in the dark trap genre. 

Spell Jordan & SLVG – The Crow

With such a strong song and reception, we expect Movie Night to be just as good as The Crow. Take a listen to The Crow on our Spotify playlist or wherever you stream music. Excited for Movie Night? It releases on May 6th. Presave the project on Spotify to hear it first! Want more from Spell Jordan? Check out his new music video to Pissed Off (Jigsaw)