Yvngxchris, whose real name is Christian Williams, is a popular DMV rapper taking the music and online world by storm. Born on November 21, 2005, Yvngxchris, pronounced Young Chris, may be young, but his musical prowess is well beyond his years. He is originally from Virginia and carries the DMV style of rapping along with him. Yvngxchris’ songs have gained popularity for several key features. He not only raps over rage beats, but he also mixes elements of DMV rap and hyperpop.

Yvngxchris’ album, Everybody Hates Chris!, came out in December 2020 and he has released many singles and EPs before and after. Since then, his song Did You Know has become a TikTok sensation. He has performed with and recorded with many other hit rappers including, Suigeneris, Baby Santana, and Ka$hdami

Beyond his unique sound and age, Yvngxchris uses his platform in the music industry to educate about race and the black experience in the United States. His song Blood on the Leaves is inspired by, and samples, the iconic, tragic song by Billie Holiday (often performed by Nina Simone; based on the poem by Abel Meeropol) Strange Fruit. The power in this song is enhanced by the Yvngxchris’ style. 

There is sure to be more greatness form Yvngxchris, so make sure to follow him and listen to his music on Spotify!