Slump6s, whose real name is Namil Bridges, was born on December 20th, 2004 and raised in Rochester, NY. While he was in high school, Namil began releasing rap music on Soundcloud. His first Soundcloud release, Jugg!, was met with delight and he has been growing his fanbase consistently ever since. The track now holds over 42k streams. If you’re a fan of Slump6s, you’ll likely also be a fan of artists like Midwxst, BabySantana, Ka$hdami, and Autumn! and other rage, pluggnb, and hyperpop artists.

Since his breakout on Soundcloud, Slump6s has been finding more and more success with each release. On November 17th, 2021, he released his first highly anticipated album, Origin. The tantalizing single off Origin, Moment, has garnered over 1 million streams. Listeners all over have been hypnotized by his unique artistry kicked to full throttle, and the future looks to be even bigger for this talented rapper.

What’s Slump6s up to in 2022? On January 30th, he was featured on Tana Amiri’s new single Gold Metal. More recently, Slump6s released a new song on February 11th, Presidential. The track has already received over 80k streams on Spotify. On February 20th, a new, dynamic track, jabawockeez was released exclusively on Soundcloud with an accompanying music video on Youtube.

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