Lil Candy Paint, whose real name is Kevin Jenkins, is an up-and-coming rapper from Chicago, IL, born on March 10th, 1999. Nowadays, Lil Candy Paint, a.k.a. Candypaint and Lilcandypaint, resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He first began releasing his music on Soundcloud in 2016 and was frequently seen with Duwap Kaine. Soon after he blew up, drawing more and more listeners in and garnering a large fanbase. His first release, Never Change, has brought him over 1 million streams to this day, and his second release, Internet Thug, which brought him even more praise, now has over 2 million streams. If you like him, you’ll likely also enjoy other melodic rap artists like Summrs, Autumn!, Yeat, BabySantana, and others like them.

Since his start on Soundcloud, Lil Candy Paint has released three albums. The first, Over Come Anything, was released on April 5th, 2019. His sophomore album, Everything Purple, propelled him even further into the spotlight on February 28th, 2020. A deluxe edition that contains eight new songs was released May 1st, 2020. His most recent album, What it Could Have Been, became available for eager listeners on October 16th, 2020.

On November 19th, 2021, he released a remix of his hit, 22, off of Everything Purple, with fellow rap artist Bhad Bhabie. This remix blew Lil Candy Paint to a new level of fame, with the remix receiving over 8 million streams on Spotify. The original 22 has received over 6 million. Both tracks hold up on their own and can set the perfect mood for a late-night drive, or just vibing with friends!

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