Known for collaborations with Ka$hdami, Slump6s, Yung Fazo, Lil Tecca, and SSGKobe and singles such as Prada Remix and Receipts, BabySantana is an up-and-coming force in the underground scene. BabySantana, whose real name is Steven Lewis, is from Columbus, Georgia. BabySantana a.k.a. tana is 14 years of age and was born on November 14th, 2006. He recently changed his name from BabySantana to tana for a more mature brand name.

BabySantana is part of a bubbling underground scene including SSGKobe, Ka$hdami, SoFaygo, and many others Yung Fazo. They are known for using “plugg” beats—a unique style of ambient hip hop production created by MexikoDro, and “rage” beats—a style of production famously used on Playboi Carti’s Whole Lotta Red that features bass-heavy electronic melodies under 808s and modern trap drums.

With his collaboration with Ka$hdami receiving a Cole Bennett and Lyrical Lemonade music video, it is no surprise that one of his first live performances was at Lyrical Lemonade’s Summer Smash Festival this past summer. BabySantana also performed at Rolling Loud this past summer. BabySantana has also appeared in music videos such as SSGKobe’s MIA.

BabySantana’s first single was Fell In Love which was released on SoundCloud in May 2020. He went on to release three full-length projects on all streaming platforms—Recreation!, Quan, and Planet Sosa, all in 2020. BabySantana is an incredibly prolific artist and has already seen incredible success at a very young age. 

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