Midwxst, whose real name is Edgar Nathaniel Sarratt, III, is a hyperpop/digicore artist from Indiana. While he is currently based in Indiana, he was born in South Carolina. He caught our attention with his 2020 album Secrets, which received features from Ericdoa, Blackwinterwells, 8485, and aldn. He’s one of the leaders of the hyperpop scene and we’ve been loving his new single Bluffing, which was released and received a music video in December 2021.

Since then he has received cosigns from artists and media outlets alike, which resulted in 1.1 million views on a music video collaboration with Overcast, and a viral single with artists in the pluggnb genre —a style of music created and made popular by Summrs and Autumn, such as DMV native KA$HDAMI on the song LA. His success led him to sign a deal with Simple Stupid Records and Geffen Records, which released his viral 2020 single Trying

The single has been streamed more than 8 million times across all streaming platforms. Midwxst has put his foot on the necks of his competitors with a consistent stream of music video releases including Made It Back, All Talk, Ruthless, and Tic Tac Toe, the last two of which were directed by renowned videographed DotComNirvan

Midwxst is definitely an artist to watch for in 2022. He’s continued to push out better and better music this year, and just released an impressive EP, BACKINACTION 2.0. With more than 10 million streams on his music on Spotify alone, we’re excited for the next track, music video, and full length project from Midwxst.