2021 came and went, but not without some amazing new music. One of the genres that really blew up in 2021 was hyperpop, also known as digicore, which saw artists like Ericdoa, Osquinn/P4rkr, Blackwinterwells, 100gecs, SEBii, BBY GOYARD, Glaive, Beebo, Meat Computer, dltzk, midwxst, Delto, and countless others achieve huge success, and even breathed new life into careers of artists like Rebecca Black and Charli XCX. Hyperpop was born from teen angst in the pandemic and turned into a beautiful subgenre of hip-hop, pop, and electronic music. To close out the year, we’re sharing the 5 best hyperpop songs of 2021. 

1. Ericdoa – Fantasize

Ericdoa hit our radar in 2020 with his project Public Target. He ended the year with an explosive release of singles that all went viral—Whatuworried4?, ifhy, sheaskedwhatmylifeislike, and his hi, i’m dante project which included the singles movinglikeazombie and witchcraft. His success in 2020 landed him a deal with LISTEN TO THE KIDS/Interscope Records to put out his album COA at the end of the year. His career continued to explode in 2021 with well received collaborations with Glaive including the then i’ll be happy EP. Released in 2021, Fantasize went on to receive more than 10 million streams across all platforms.

2. SEBii – Brain Freeze

SEBii is a Chinese-American recording artist who started to blow up with his music video to Butterfly Bankai, released on the ELEVATOR YouTube channel. His 2020 single Playing Poker Remix put him on the map with more than 11 million streams on all streaming platforms. Brain Freeze was released after SEBii’s 2021 viral album VVRED. Read more about SEBii in this article we wrote last year.

3. Midwxst – Bluffing

Midwxst, whose real name is Edgar Nathaniel Sarratt, III, is a recording artist born in South Carolina who grew up in Indiana. He caught our attention with his 2020 album Secrets, which received features from Ericdoa, Blackwinterwells, 8485, and aldn. Bluffing was released in December 2021 and received an epic music video. 

4. Dltzk – Homeswitcher

Homeswitcher is the most popular single from Dltzk, a.k.a Delete Zeke’s, viral album Teen Week. The album received support from most of the Hyperpop and Digicore scene, being shared by countless artists on its release date including Hyperpop heavy hitter Osquinn/P4rkr. Homeswitcher features Kmoe, a young hyperpop artist with his own buzz. 

5. Osquinn/P4rkr – From Paris, With Love

Osquinn a.k.a. P4rkr is one of hyperpop’s leaders. She has released so many impressive songs that have progressed the genre and inspired many of the younger generation. I don’t want that many friends in the first place is her most popular single, released in 2019, and has been streamed more than 20 million times on Spotify alone. From Paris, With Love is a single from her 2021 album drive-by lullabies. Read more about Osquinn/P4rkr in this article.

But there are many more amazing hyperpop songs than just these. To stay in the loop on all things Hyperpop and Digicore, check out our article Understanding Hyperpop, see what you think of our 2021 hyperpop artists to watch, or listen to Spotify’s Hyperpop playlist or SoundCloud’s Digicore playlist. Until next time, we’ll see you in 2022!