P4rkr a.k.a. osquinn is a 15 year old transgender rapper, singer, and producer known for hyperpop and electronic inspired hip hop, receiving a 100 gecs cosign in early 2020. While she goes by osquinn now, P4rkr, her original moniker, was an ode to her birth name, Parker. Her sound is often described as similar to nightcore, with other comparisons drawn to Sybyr and Bladee. Despite the hypercolor, energetic, bubbly, and emotional sounds found throughout her work, P4rkr aka osquinn grew up on Chicago drill music, citing Lil Jay, L’A, Capone, Young Pappy, P Rico, and many more as huge inspirations in her Fader interview.

As an incredibly versatile and unique artist its no surprise that she is also a fan of black metal and electronic dance music, and these influences helped create her authentic and eclectic sound. As a member of the slowsilver03 collective, p4rkr is also know for affiliations with Bloodhounds, Novagang, Noheart, Gelix Tears, and Scenegirl Fanclub.

While osquinn aka P4rkr grew to notoriety off singles including okay im cool, dfwmn, i don’t want that many friends in the first place, produced by durao, bad idea, with blackwinterwells, and mbn, she is yet to release a full album. These popular single releases have helped establish her underground status in the pop, electronic, and hip hop scenes. 

Osquinn aka P4rkr is also known for her collaborations with artists such as Maple, Kuru, Wubz, Ericdoa, Angelus, Saturn, Kurtains, Glaive, and more. Her debut EP, a night in virginia, was released on April 25, 2020, after only recording the project in 4 hours. Only 2 weeks later, she released her second EP, bleh. With her full album in the works, we’re excited to see where her career takes her. Check out osquinn aka p4rkr’s full discography on SoundCloud