With 2020 coming to a close, Spell Jordan enters the fall with an impressive hyperpop and electronic inspired pop rap single, Deer in the Woods. As a leading contender in the emo rap and cloud rap scene, Spell Jordan has continued to gain underground acclaim with a series of releases this year including his eighth studio album, Underworld. On Deer in the Woods, Spell Jordan connects with Timeless Tomorrow (James Colt, Nick Wise, Nick Royal) affiliate and Los Angeles based producer Ay!Jd for the first time.

“Baked like a cafe, heart ice coffee; got a gram of wax, I’ve been smoking on toffee” Jordan spits on the verse of the song. The stoney single features intricate and unique production which compliment Spell’s soothing yet raspy vocals well. Following up on September’s Underworld (Deluxe Edition) fans of Jordan will be well accustomed to the more pop inspired instrumentation Jordan has used as of late. For fans of Spell’s earlier content, the lyrical content still remains as present as ever. 

Deer in the Woods is available on all digital streaming platforms – listen today on the platform of your choice here. With a number of singles and music videos planned to close out the year, Spell Jordan is ready to take 2021 by storm. Stay tuned for more content from the 24 year old Washington D.C. based creative.