Sebii is a Chinese-American artist and producer born and raised in Shanghai, China. SEBii’s real name is Sebastion DeMarino. Sebii’s sound can most easily be described as upbeat pop rap, fitting into the pop and hip hop genres, and hyperpop, glitchcore, and nightcore subgenres as well. Sebii is a member of the Iced Out Angels and Neilaworld rapper and producer collective, including members Ericdoa, Kevin Kazi, Glasear, Lukrative, and many more, as well as a frequent collaborator of producer VVSPipes. Seen in many of his videos and artwork is a floating demon, who Sebii describes as his mascot, named VV. 

Moving to the United States at the age of 17, Sebii has spent the past few years releasing a number of singles and mixtapes including the EPs Visored Vitality and VVV, as well as a number of singles, including Lovestory, an interpolation of Taylor Swift’s Love Story, Butterfly Bankai, which received success from the デーモンAstari YouTube channel, as well as his viral TikTok single Play Poker (Remix) with Maple. 

Sebii’s music often features Yu-Gi-Oh references, a dive into his personal life as a competitive TCG player. This can be heard in a number of singles including whereRu, with the lyrics “I feel like a dragon, yeah like stardust”. Sebii also references many other popular asian cultural brands, including Pokemon, and many animes, including Bleach, notably on the single Butterfly Bankai.

Sebii is gearing up for a full length project this fall with VVSPipes, titled VVSS. With a powerful work ethic and an authentic and bubbly sound, Sebii is destined for greatness. Check out his full discography on Soundcloud.