Mario Judah is a creative based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Mario Judah’s real name is Mario Diamond-Judah Douglas, and born in 1999, he is currently 21 years old. He grew to fame with the release of his breakout meme song Die Very Rough, released in September of 2020. The video shows Mario Judah chasing a man as he tries to kill him. The listener can hear Mario singing borderline demonic lyrics throughout the track, including “I’m a big dog, big bear, nigga, I’m a lion; I’m the predator of the prey that is hiding; Oh my, oh my, I have found you” he vocalizes. The video and single saw incredible success, receiving over 1 millions streams on both Spotify and YouTube in its first three weeks. However, despite this success, the single has received backlash, with some previous peers of Judah claiming he is racist, citing some of the song’s lyrics and the video referencing Uncle Tomism and slave catching.

As cited by, the track first started spreading after a tweet posted by user @010I0C, a Novagang affiliate, which received over 4 million views in one week. While Judah has been making beats and rock music since the age of 2017, his first official release wasn’t posted until June 19, 2020, titled Crush. Mario Judah cites his influences as Chief Keef, Migos, and Young Thug to Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch, and Pantera

Mario Judah has gained online notoriety for his shocking image, powerful voice, as well as his recent evidence as a scammer, resulting in him being outcast from the underground scene, despite maintaining mainstream success. Mario Judah later replied to the evidence of him being a scammer, receiving further negative response. 

What’s next for Mario Judah is not clear, as his success has been largely based on meme culture, and his recent proof of scamming has made many fans and artists alike lose respect for him. While the smoke clears, take a listen to Mario Judah’s full discography on Spotify.