Delete Zeke, stylized dltzk, is taking over your electronic trap stations. The 18-year-old is an up-in-coming producer and artist. Their debut album Teen Week was released in February of 2020. Alongside their extensive collection of over 50 singles, dltzk has numerous collaborations with peers such as Tropes, dollywood1, Fraxiom, and midwxst.

Over the short period of three years, dltzk has three albums in his discography. As a young artist, they target the deep thoughts that always linger in our minds. His style is growing with them and helps listeners get through the day in the ever-changing world.

In addition to Teen Week, dltzk has already produced another album called Frailty. These two projects racked up 100,574 listeners each month on Spotify to date. His top song “Homeswitcher” from Teen Week has 1,245,589 streams. With their youth and talent, dltzk will be a reoccurring appearance at the top of the charts. As we wait with anticipation for the next big thing, you can check out their discography on Spotify or read more about midwxst and other collaboratives in hyperpop.