The year is 2020. YouTube and social media are buzzing with the newest, catchy, quarantine song – “Coochie” by YN Jay. The humorous rapper, whose real name is Jaylein Aether-Henry Cantrell, comes from Beecher, Michigan. His approach to the rap community brings youth and joy to our difficult world. Part of it comes from his beginning days as a rapper at age 10, as well as his commitment to the trade. He would produce up to ten songs a day as a teenager after his older brother, Gabe, passed away.

Following the viral hit, YN Jay dropped three more projects before 2020 came to an end: Coochie Land, Watch This, and The Scouts. There are many notable features in his music, such as Rio Da Yung OG, RMC Mike, Grindhard E, Sada Baby, and Lil Yachty. Louie Ray, who was featured on the hit “Coochie”, collaborated on The Scouts album.

His success continued to grow in 2021, with two hip-hop albums Ninja Warrior and Coochie Chronicles. There’s a tease that 2022 will bring a new sound to his discography, with more soul. You can add his hits to your playlist on Spotify or read more about our up-and-coming rappers.