​​It’s the question we’re all asking: who is GrindHard E? The Michigan rapper, whose real name is Eric David Terrell, has been relatively hidden from the public eye as he continues to drop albums with reflective stories. His grounded personality elevates his albums gaining him spots in the charts and success in the hip hop game.

GrindHard E started releasing singles in 2018 with Rio Da Yung Og and RMC Mike, having an album, Professional Shit Talking, with Rio Da Yung OG in 2019. His first solo album, Ghetto Pharmacist, came out in 2020 creating hit tracks like “Overdose”, “Shit Talkin’”, and “Against the Wall”.  

In 2021 the rapper attacked the charts with four albums: Short Shit!, Gorilla Music, A1 Selections, and The Lean Bible. His numerous songs keep his fans active on social media and attract 39,883 monthly listeners on Spotify. You can watch for his next project by searching @GrindHardE or by following him on Spotify.